Chapter 1 Introduction 00:08 Chapter 2 About this training video 00:30 Chapter 3 Delivery & what's in the box 01:01 As well as environmental considerations regarding the disposal of toxic chemicals used in a soaking process.Validated for use with more than 1,000 surface and intracavitary ultrasound probes across all major manufacturers.trophon is a fully automated system that is simple to operate and requires minimal training or intervention during operation. al, Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, 2008, Centers of Disease Control, 1-158, 2008.1. All the while safeguarding staff and our environment from the dangerous hazards and toxic side effects of traditional disinfection methods.trophon reduces the risk of ultrasound-related cross-infection in your facility.It is extremely infectious and some high-risk strains can lead to significant health problems. To select a chapter, click on the time code at the end of the chapter title. EH40/2005 Workplace exposure limits.trophon generates environmentally friendly by-products (primarily water and oxygen) for safe and easy disposal.The best technology in the world isn’t much use if it is difficult to install, set up and maintain.trophon can be set up easily in a wide range of locations, including at the Point of Care.trophon streamlines practice workflows to maximize patient throughput and cost effectiveness.Other high level disinfection methods involve manual, time-consuming processes which can be challenging for staff. Monitor critical process parameters in real time: USA: Centers for Disease Control; CDC 2008. This online training resource will cover everything that you need to know about installing and operating trophon. Evaluation of an automated high-level disinfection technology For ultrasound transducers. There are the associated health risks for staff, with chemical exposure a concern. trophon EPR training Video – GE Healthcare North America. Rutala WA, Weber DJ, HICPAC. For further information, contact your customer service representative or visit the Nanosonics website. A training video is followed by a short quiz.

It’s a concerning thought.HPV poses a critical clinical risk and is a real challenge for those working in infection prevention.trophon minimizes staff exposure to hazardous chemicals, fumes and spills.Disinfection takes place within a compact, closed-door decontamination chamber, utilizing a sealed disinfectant cartridge.Operators simply load the probe, close the door and press a button to start.A small and controlled dose of sonicated hydrogen peroxide mist is then released into the chamber, which swirls around to completely cover both the probe and handle.

from Nanosonics PRO . trophon EPR certification, before setting up or using your trophon EPR, A1.3 User and Environment Profile NOTE: The following description is intended for general information only.
Trophon EPR User Manual -

Nanosonics internal testing data. You can also customize data access to monitor all networked trophon2s throughout your facility.Parametric Release provides extra reassurance. With the ever increasing challenges in the fight against the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), trophon’s powerful disinfection technology is setting a new benchmark in protecting patients. Ryndock E, Robison R, Meyers C. 2015. Vickery K, et al. trophon2 delivers protection for patients, staff and the environment trophon2 streamlines set-up, can be customized to your workflow and has extensive probe compatibility trophon2 enhances user experience so you can perform HLD simply, automatically, and with confidence Once connected, all disinfection records are centrally stored and accessible to the rest of your hospital IT system.Lets you link disinfection data to patient Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). Page 1 L03030 1.0...; Page 3 ENGLISH L03030 1.0 03/2018...; Page 4 Read this manual before operating the trophon 2 to determine the correct procedures. Susceptibility of HPV16 and 18 to high level disinfectants indicated for semi -critical ultrasound probes. 1.4 Cable management system is secured in place, on the top of the device.
©2018 Nanosonics Limited. These manual processes take time and enhance the opportunity for error. All technical specifications and system approvals are listed in Appendix 1. Trophon EPR High-Level Disinfectant System For Ultrasound Transducers Smart probe disinfection by Trophon is the safe and effective solution for preventing the spread of infectious Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). As everything happens inside of trophon, there is no manual soaking or mixing of chemicals.trophon minimises exposure to nasty fumes. Published online 13 Nov 2015. Johnson et al., Evaluation of a Hydrogen Peroxide-Based System for High-Level Disinfection of Vaginal Ultrasound Probes, Journal of Ultrasound Medicine, 32:1799-804, 2013. trophon EPR training Video – GE Healthcare North America. The CDC recommends automated ultrasound probe reprocessing over manual methods.trophon delivers consistent, high level disinfection to maximize compliance with guidelines and accreditation standards.Simple workflows for quicker turnaround without sacrificing safety, compliance or effectiveness.2. However, it can also be passed on through non-sexual contact, for example via contact with skin or mucus.

5 years ago. J Med Virol. Rutala W., et. 5 years ago. Johnson et al., Evaluation of a Hydrogen Peroxide-Based System for High-Level Disinfection of Vaginal Ultrasound Probes, Journal of Ultrasound Medicine, 32:1799-804, 2013.4. Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities. 2. This means that HPV could be spread from one patient to another via ultrasound probes, if the probes are not adequately disinfected before use.

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