You can take the exam online using your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Triple your speed?Double the Speed: You increase its force of impact four times. Also used to alert you to a warning sign such as a school crossing or sharp curve. What is an open intersection? You must remain stopped until the stop arm is withdrawn and all children are clear of the roadway.What must you do when children or school crossing guards are present on a crosswalk?When children or school crossing guards are present in a crosswalk, you must yield and stop at the stop line and not in the crosswalk.What must you do if an emergency vehicle with activated lights and/or sirens is approaching you from behind?Motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians and drivers must yield the right-of-way to law enforcement vehicles, fire engines, and other emergency vehicles using sirens or flashing lights. While the drivers license handbook does contain a number of chapters that don't pertain to the exam, there are certain chapters you MUST read for the knowledge test. This will test your skills and knowledge of car driving in Florida and road rules from the FL car driver handbook. 1. What should you do if your right wheels go off the pavement while driving?What should you do if your tires begin to skid while driving?When emergency braking, what is the difference between conventional brakes and anti-lock brakes (ABS)?Many drivers learn that to stop in an emergency situation where What must you do if you are involved in a minor accident and your vehicle is blocking the flow of traffic?If the crash is minor and your vehicle is blocking the flow of If you hit a parked car and are unable to find the owner, what should you do?If you are in a crash with an unattended vehicle or other What are the penalties for leaving the scene of an accident involving injury or death?Every owner or person in charge of operating a motor vehicle on Florida roadways must:If your license and registration are suspended for being in violation of the No-Fault law, what must you do to get them reinstated?In order to lift the suspension, you will have to get What are the penalties if you are at fault in a crash and you are not insured in compliance with the Financial Responsibility Law?If you are the driver or the owner of a vehicle involved What are the time restrictions for a driver with a learner's license?Minors holding a learner's license must be accompanied What are the time restrictions for a license driver under age 17? Triple the Speed: You increase its force of impact nine times.Unless otherwise posted, what is the speed limit for cars in a residential area?What is the maximum speed limit on an interstate highway?What is the arm signal for a left turn? The Class E Knowledge Exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions about Florida traffic laws, safe driving practices and identifying traffic controls. There are approved Upon passing the Class E Knowledge Exam through a registered third party administrator, the exam information will automatically be submitted to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) and this information will also be available at all driver license offices.Many high school driver education classes are authorized to provide the Class E Knowledge Exam through DELAP. Stop at the curb. The Class E Knowledge Exam contains 50 multiple-choice questions. Approved TLSAE course providers can be found To obtain a learner’s license, customers must pass the Class E Knowledge Exam. Customers who fail the The Class E Driving Skills Test will be asked to study or practice before returning for a re-test.Customers who have successfully passed the The Class E Driving Skills Test may surrender their learner’s license at their local service center to receive their Class E driver license.© Copyright 2014 – 2020 Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Under age 18?A 16 year-old licensed driver may not drive between 11:00pm and 6:00am unless driving to or from work or accompanied by a licensed driver who is age 21 or older. We show you exactly what you will pay before you start your course. Permit applicants choose not to read the 2020 Florida drivers handbook because it seems to be too large and overwhelming, with a load of unnecessary information you won't be tested on. Drive with lights on low beam.What should you do when driving on the wet roads in the rain?

Must be free of any stickers not required by law.What are the bumper height requirements? Seleccione aquí para Español Class E Knowledge Exam Proctored/classroom exam environment Online exam services Proctored/classroom exam environment and online exam services Class E Driving Skills Exam (computer tablet required**) Application for Authority to Conduct Third Party Driver License Testing Indicate the service(s) you are requesting on the first page. To pass, a customer must answer 40 out of 50 questions correctly, or score 80 percent.Class E knowledge examinations are available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Haitian Creole, Russian and Spanish.To prepare for the Class E Knowledge Exam, study the Any applicant under the age of 18 can take the Class E Knowledge Exam online. Why?Slow down! That requires you to get a minimum of 40 out of 50 questions correct. Used at, or just before, dangerous intersections. What if you have an automatic transmission?Manual Transmission: Shift to Reverse (downhill) or First (uphill).Which way should you turn your wheels on parking uphill along a curb? When can you be charged with driving under the influence (DUI)?You can be charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) if What are the penalties for refusing to take a blood test, urine test, or a breath test when suspected of driving under the influence?By law, you have agreed by signing your driver license to take What can happen if you are found guilty of racing on the highway?Your license must be REVOKED. All Rights Reserved.Dealers, Installers, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Importers When must you yield right-of-way?An open intersection is one without traffic control signs or signals.

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