Readers often write me to ask how much it costs to get a temporary or permanent resident card in Mexico. A TRV allows you to stay for a period greater than 180 days but no more than four years. Similar to the US social security number, the CURP allows you to. If the applicant has a foreign mother or father who holds a temporary resident or temporary student resident visa, provided that the applicant is a child, or an adolescent who has not married, or has been declared incompetent and under the foreign parent’s legal representation, ties can be demonstrated by the birth certificate of the applicant, original and a photocopy; or Open accounts at any bank. We moved to Merida, Mexico in May after 5+ years in India and it was a priority for us to get our residency for Mexico. Start your INM process 30 days before it expires. The Mexican passport is also one of the strongest, allowing visa-free access to well over 100 countries. As such, with a Mexican Permanent Resident Card:You have to apply for a Mexican Permanent Resident Card at the National Immigration Institute (If your Permanent Resident Visa is approved, you may use it to enter the country, where you have to convert it into a Mexican Permanent Resident Card at the National Immigration Institute.Within 30 days of arriving in Mexico, you must apply to convert your Permanent Resident Visa into a Mexican Permanent Resident If you are already living in Mexico on a Temporary Resident Card, when your current Card is about to expire, you have to apply at the INM to switch it into a Permanent Resident Card (provided you have lived in Mexico as a temporary resident for four years). As such, it does not have to be renewed every few years, like the Temporary Resident Card does.A Permanent Resident Card gives the holder similar rights to an actual Mexico citizen, excluding the right to vote. The processing time for a Mexican Temporary Resident Visa changes from embassy to embassy, so you can expect to wait anywhere from one week to a month to receive a visa. The required payment method also changes: some embassies may ask you to pay in cash, while others request a bank transfer.Additionally, when you apply to get a Permanent Resident Card at the National Immigration Institute, you have to pay a fee for the Card as well (around 5,000 Mexican Pesos or US$250).When you apply for Mexican Permanent Residence, you must have several documents which support your application, such as:If you are applying for a Residence Permit on the grounds of retiring in Mexico, you must have the following documents:If you are applying for a Mexican Permanent Residence on the grounds of family reunion, you must present the following documents:If you lose or damage your Mexican Resident Card, you must visit the local immigration office and apply for a replacement. Foreigners who want to settle in Mexico permanently must have a The Permanent Resident Card for Mexico is a popular option among retirees, which is why it is also often referred to as the You can become a Mexican resident if you fulfill one of the following conditions:As a foreign citizen, you will receive temporary residence in Mexico (a Temporary Resident Card) if you find employment, want to join a family member who is also a temporary resident, or you start studying in Mexico. Under this visa category, you may not be allowed to conduct lucrative activities, such as employment, in the country. Benefits of the Mexico Permanent Resident Card.
As a RP visa holder, you are able to reside in Mexico indefinitely with unlimited exits and re-entries. You may obtain a temporary resident visa in Mexico, if you own a real estate property in Mexico with a value exceeding MXN 2,804,000. 10) VISA VALIDITY.
Everyone who intends to move to Mexico for a period longer than six months must have a Resident Visa and a Resident Card, depending on the duration and purpose of their stay.

You must have the following documents with you:If you lose or damage your Mexican Resident Card while you are abroad, you must approach a Mexican embassy to request a replacement.You may apply for Mexican citizenship after five years of residency in Mexico, regardless of whether you have lived as a temporary or a permanent resident. Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) The Temporary Resident Visa eliminates having to exit and reenter every 180 days.

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