Climate - Athens Average weather, temperature, rainfall, sunshine hours In Athens, the capital of Greece, the climate is Mediterranean, with mild, moderately rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. This provides opportunity for calm observations of pieces of art without distracting on inappropriate comments of drunken visitors.Christmas which held in December 25 is the main winter holiday in country.

For ski holidays in Greece, ski clothes are a must, but most ski resorts come fully equipped with rentals and basic equipment.

Climate and average weather for Athens (Attica), Greece displayed in graphs. Annual Weather Averages Near Athens. Philosophy, mathematics, mechanics, military art, the concept of citizenship, and even more were born under the azure skies of Greece.Since ancient times this beautiful land lies in crossroad of important trade routes. While the typical Mediterranean weather in Crete can be enjoyed in summer on the beaches with Mount The climate in Greece as well as the vast area that the country covers makes it a great destination regardless time of year. In winter, there is much more rainfall in Σκιόεσσα than in summer. Greece - Greece - Climate: The Mediterranean climate of Greece is subject to a number of regional and local variations based on the country’s physical diversity.
The average annual temperature is 18.1 °C in Athens. April and May are the most suitable time for tourism. Surrounded by a lot of Snowfalls were much more regular after October when the winters would set in. Winter is the time for those who highly appreciates the Greek culture. This is time for mysterious rituals to ward off witches.Autumn in Greece is wonderful time. Situated in south-eastern Europe, Greece borders the Mediterranean sea to the south as well as the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea to the west and east respectively. The climate of Greece is mediterranean with summers that are usually hot and dry, and the winters that can be quiet cold and wet.

Greece is the land of heroes, scholiasts and artists. March is … The climate here is mild, and generally warm and temperate. Greece: Climate & Weather The climate is Mediterranean with very hot summers when temperatures can reach 40°C, coastal sea breezes add a touch of coolness, there is no rainfall in July and August. Autumn and spring in Greece and tend to be short-lived. Although much of the country has slightly varied weather patterns the southern parts of Greece, and the Greek islands, follow a typical Mediterranean climate.

Spring in Greece is the remarkable event. Buds are swelling and flowers are blooming just in front of your eyes.

The hot and dry summer period lasts from April through May, June, July, August and September. Daytime temperatures in summer tend to be quite high, but cooling sea breezes, which blow from in from northern Greece, facilitate slightly cooler night-time temperature. The temperatures in Greece over winter tend to stick to the mid-teens (59°F), with some warmer days when the temperature peaks at a comfortable 20°C (68°F). Northern Greece would get really cold and you would need a lot of layers to feel warm. Greece has constantly enjoyed the three major seasons and it was no different before.

At this time you won’t meet lively and fun, but somewhat noisy tourists, exchanging impressions on all kinds of languages. The average temperature in summer rises from the Summer in Greece is peak tourist season as visitors flock to any number of Greece’s many islands and beaches. Greece has constantly enjoyed the three major seasons and it was no different before. However, for the south of Greece and the islands, the winters will be milder. CLIMATE-DATA.ORG North America The upper part of Greece can be very cold during the winter and snow is not uncommon.

Items to pack for a holiday in Greece will largely depend upon the destination in Greece as well as the time of year.

A temperature in the Northern parts would vary in the range of 30o-35o Celsius while in the Southern parts it would easily go up to 40o Celsius.

Find the best time to go to Athens (Attica). This is the perfect time for a lazy bliss on the beach and short excursions to nearby attractions, boating or traveling to neighboring islands.Summer is the time of numerous holidays but Assumption is the main and it is celebrated on a grand scale. The climate in Greece is typical of the Mediterranean climate: mild and rainy winters, relatively warm and dry summers and, generally, extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year. The climate of Greece is typically Mediterranean with cool and relatively wet winters and warm to hot dry summers with lots of sunshine. Σκιόεσσα climate summary The Σκιόεσσα lies on 245m above sea level In Σκιόεσσα, the climate is warm and temperate. Temperatures can get very hot in Greece in summer, so a hat and sufficient sun protection are advisable.Summer temperatures on mainland Greece also require light clothing, summer dresses and linen shorts or trousers for the evenings. Greece borders the Ionian, East Mediterranean, and Aegean seas. This location is classified as Csa by Köppen and Geiger. The country has a wide range of climate subtypes due to the topographical influence of the great mountain ranges on various parts of the country. Greece has a typical Mediterranean climate, which lends itself to mild and often wet winters and dry summers. Sleepy turtles are getting out after hibernation and amount of basking in the sun lizards increases gradually.March is warm enough to wear light shirts yet water is still cool. The rainy, and slightly cooler, winter period occurs in October, November, December, January, February and March. However, the winter rains can sometimes last for a couple of days, particularly during late November, December and early January. Water in seas still warm and sun is tender and doesn’t burn. Greece has constantly enjoyed the three major seasons and it was no different before.

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